For a Haircut OR Beard Service OR Shave you will select “single service” on the booking page.

These are reserved for those regular customers who get haircuts on a MONTHLY basis.  If you do not regularly get a haircut monthly you need to book a full service unless advised otherwise. If you get primarily a scissor and razor cut and a longer style, a full service booking is highly recommended, at least on a first visit so we have time to consult.
Rule of thumb: If your hair is reminiscent of 1964 when The Beatles arrived here in the U.S. you must book a Full 40 Minute Service.

We specialize only in:
Traditional Men's Haircuts 
Hand Crafted Beard and Mustache Service
Both Classic and Modern Mullet REMOVAL. (Mans buns)

Hot Lather Shaves (only with Son)

If more than a single service is required select "Full Service" on the booking page. 

These are your options:

(Feel free to write any details in the note section of the booking but no necessary)

Traditional Men's Haircut AND Hand Crafted Beard and Mustache Service or Shave
Any Men's Longer Haircut that requires more scissor and razor work. 2 months since last cut.
Hippies looking to get right.
You brought your mom, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to tell me how to cut your hair. Dads and Grandpas are fine.

Walk-ins, L8420, Confirmations, Reminders and Cancellations.

We are now booking two 20 minute slots per hour, per barber and reserving the additional 20 minutes for walk-in's. These spots are for Kirby Sr. on the hour (:00) Kirby Jr. on the half (:30). If you require a full service you may have to jump chairs or wait an hour.

You will receive text and email confirmations and reminders. Booking online guarantees your time with the Kirby the Barber of your choosing. Appointments run every 20 minutes so don’t be late. Most guys are sneaking out of the office for a quick trim so don’t be “that guy” that throws the schedule off. 

Two hours is the grace period for cancellations. If you do not cancel with at least 2 hours notice you will be required to pay for your missed appointment before you can re-book. No exceptions. There is a simple single click to cancel link in the email reminder and the SMS text which you will receive 3 hours prior to your appointment. Please use it so someone else can grab your spot if you can't make it.
If for any reason Kirby the Barbers has to cancel your appointment you will get at a minimum, the same 2 hour notice expected of you. If not, your next service will be a comp or I will reimburse you up to $50 if you had to go elsewhere. 

No parking situation.

Occasionally there is free 15 minute customer service parking on the corners of 8th and Brazos that’s a pretty safe bet as well as metered parking for the non-gambler. Parking spaces are like unicorns so plan accordingly. Parking trouble is not an excuse for being late. This is downtown Austin. Bus, bike or ride-share.

 We are located in the heart of downtown Austin Texas, parking is not free, and not plentiful. If you do not live or work downtown, plan accordingly. Parking trouble is not a valid excuse for late/no shows. 

Located in the Perry Brooks Building across from the Omni Hotel on Brazos, 1 Block north of the Driskill Hotel.

Kirby the Barbers resides where Charlie Hall of Charlies Hairstyles operated since 1986. Charlie is Austins’ legendary barber who has cut our congressmen, senators and yes even Presidents since the 60s’. Charlie fully retired in April of 2019 after 50 years Barbering in Austin.

Phone Calls

If you must call Kirby Jr. at 512-730-1910 or Sr. at 1969

Cash Only - But we will still take your personal check

Now if you are still here go book your spot and we will see you soon.


Kirby the Barber and Son

The best way to get a haircut, beard service or hot lather shave with Kirby the Barbers is to book your appointment online. It's is so simple a barber can do it. (But we don't). The schedule is updated in real-time. No registration, no password.  Just name email text.

You have just 2 decisions to make here:

1. Do you need a Single Service or Full Service Appointment?

2. Which Kirby do you want to see?

(Preferably Father for Beard Service, Son for Hot Lather Shaves, both great Cuts)

If you already know the answer, still read the following if this is new to you.

If you need more information than what is here, please swipe left.