Kirby Jr. started barber college the summer after 7th grade. He has been cutting hair over half his lifetime. He is now 26 years old and been cutting hair for 13 years.  He decided in 5th grade that he wanted to work along side his father. Kirby David grew up riding motorcycles, boating/water sports, playing video games and getting tattoos. Click image to book and see full schedule.

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Kirby Sr  began his barber career at 40 years old after spending his early years in corporate sales. Kirby Sr attended barber college in 2008 and bought the Memorial Barbershop in Houston Texas in 2010. In 2013 he joined Charlie Hall in downtown Austin Texas located at 7th and Brazos. Kirby the Barber and Son was born and  bought Charlies in 2018. March 13 of 2020 was the last day of operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fall 2020 the two Kirbys re-emerged as Kirby the Barbers operating out of their historic home in Hyde Park Texas at 39th and Red River.Click image to book and see full schedule.

Welcome to Kirby The Barbers. Yes we are both Kirby. We are a father and son barbershop in Austin near the University of Texas. We operate out our historic home on Red River, across from the oldest golf course in Texas, Hancock Golf Course Est 1899.

We are not your typical barbershop of today. Firstly we are actually Barbers. No switch-a-roo here. We are more of the traditional barbershop of yesterday, minus the cross talk and long wait. We are appointment only. We offer a more relaxing, personal and private experience than the busy chain shops. This is also our home, so its clean, quiet and calm. We hope you feel the same  sense of comfort here as we do. We book a full hour so there is never a rush, whether you are running late, grabbing cash or just need some extra time, we got you. Reserving a whole hour means we have less appointment slots available per day, so we do ask that you do not no show on us, or cancel at the last minute. We remain flexible so hopefully if you are just running late, you can still make your appointment. 95% of our customers are regulars, many have become lifelong friends. we look forward to becoming one too.

So for the 64 million dollar question? Which Kirby do I book with? Of course we don't think you can go wrong with either. 

Kirby Jr probably has a slightly steadier hand, lol and plays by the book. His skills are solid, his fades are crisp and traditional cuts are perfection. A traditional barber in every sense. He has knack for knowing what looks right.

Kirby Sr is more of a wild card. Kirby Sr, although traditionally trained as Kirby Jr, is a bit more experimental. If you feel like your hair has always been particularly difficult, some of Kirby Sr's non-traditional methods may be the answer. 

Regardless who you book with, you'll get a great cut and service unlike any other barbershop you've ever been. We are not always able to accept new customers so get on the books now and reserve your spot.