Traditional Mens Haircuts

No women*

No children

No long haired gents

Classic clipper, scissor, and razor cuts

Haircuts begin at the earlobe

If you are Overdue (2 months +), or require a Full Scissor/Razor Cut,or you need some consultation time book a Full Service on first visit

​Got Alfalfa Hair? About a third of all men Part their hair on the wrong side. Let us help you find your Cut and your Part.

Need beard trim too? 

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*Appointment take priority

*Women seeking a traditional men’s haircut are welcome

Beards and Mustache

Bigger, smaller or shape and maintain, your beard deserves the same professional attention to detail as your hair does.

Licensed Texas Class A Barbers, specializing in beards. Most days we cut more beards than hair. Many of our customers are bald.

This is where you get that chiseled beard that stands alone. No hair required.

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​We are unable to effectively social distance and provide services at this time.

Walk-in's on hour and half hour* 

Text only  Jr. 512-730-1910

or Sr. 512-730-1969 No calls

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Hand Crafted Beards and Staches

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Straight razor shave

Clean shaven hipster or executive man child.

Regardless, if you want a legitimate shave in the State of Texas you need a licensed Class A Barber.

Hot lather shaves are performed with a sterilized straight razor, maintaining the traditional techniques of yesterday, with the sanitary standards of today.

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